Pugh's Almanac & Queensland Directory 1890


Cat No.:   AU4115-1890:

No of pages in original: 850pp

Year published: (1890)

This is a large almanac and directory covering Queensland, and is full of information for the family historian, social historian or general researchers of Queensland in this era.

The Almanac contains information on everything from events scheduled throughout the year, to gardening advice, a calendar, names and contacts for various government departments, banks, as well as postal rates and information, immigration details, railway stations and fares, details of stations and station owners and so much more ...

The Directory is most useful, covering not only the city of Brisbane, but also the major towns around Queensland. The services in each (even including various societies ... and their members) are detailed, as are people with their occupations and address.

Fully searchable on CD-ROM, this is a valuable source of historical information which will be useful for all with an interest in Queensland's people, towns and society in 1890.

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