Queensland Police Gazette 1913


Cat No.:   AU4103-1913:

No of pages in original: 697pp

Year published: (1913)

Example entry taken from the 8th February 1913 issue:

Murder - £500 Reward

Home Secretary's Department, Brisbane, 28th November, 1912

His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been placed to direct that a Reward of £500 be paid for such information as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of a half-caste named George Daniels, who is alleged to have shot, on Sunday, the 11th February, 1912, one Arthur Cogzell, while the said Arthur Cogzell was accompanying a girl named Edith Anderson from Turkey Station, where she was employed, to her home at Bustard Head, and who, after shooting the said Arthur Cogzell, took the girl away with him, neither of whom has been seen nor found; and that a Pardon be granted any person who may be concerned in the crime, not being the principal offender, who may give such information.

J. Geo. Appel

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