Queensland Police Gazette 1910


Cat No.:   AU4103-1910:

No of pages in original: 572pp

Year published: (1910)

Example Entries taken from the 16 July 1910 issue:

Warrants Issued

South Townsville - A warrant has been issued by the Townsville Bench for the arrest of J. Aitken, charged with deserting from the s.s. "Mourilyan", at Lucinda Point, on 2nd July, 1910. Offender is 21 years of age, 5 feet high, dark complexion, clean shaved, nuggety build; a seaman; and a native of Liverpool. Supposed to have stowed away on the s.s. "Ourakka".-).2190. 7th July, 1910.


Watchhouse, Brisbane - A warrant has been issued by the Brisbane Bench for the arrest of William Groom Bullock, charged with deserting his illegitimate child by Mary Alice Clark, at Brisbane on 25th June, 1910. Offender is 28 years of age, 5 feet 2 or 3 inches high, sallow complexion, dark-brown hair and moustache, brown eyes, medium build; a grocer; and an Englishman; dressed in a dark coat, white vest, grey trousers, white straw hat, and button boots. Supposed gone to Melbourne.O.2209. 7th July, 1910

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