Moreton Bay Settlement or Queensland Before Separation 1770-1859


Cat No.:   AU4013:

No of pages in original: 159pp

Year published: (1925)

Author/Compiler: W.W. Craig

The primary aim of this book is to present a 'concise history of incidents' occurring in the early times of Moreton Bay.

While it doesn't include listings of early pioneers of the region, it does cover the exploration of the region, settlement, aborigines, Dr Lang, Governor Fitzroy, wrecks in the region and numerous other topics, including the imminent (at the time), separation of Queensland from New South Wales, which took place in 1859.

Also covered is a section on Australia, which gives a very brief overview of the explorers who found Australia, and early settlement, together with details of various Governors of the time. There are also chapters on Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Each of these discusses the founding and settlement, together with early Governors of the region.

This is an informative guide for those researching Australian social history in the 1770-1859 era, and the maps included will add to the usefulness of this book.

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