The History of Maryborough - G. Loyau


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This is a fascinating history of the town of Maryborough, which is situated to the north of Brisbane near the Queensland coast. Covering the years 1850 through to 1895, and topics such as early settlement, the 'New Maryborough' in 1896, various places surrounding such as Fraser Island, Gympie as well as various local railways and other nearby features.

This book also includes a biographical section listing Pioneers of Wide Bay, Old Colonists, Living and Dead. For most people listed within this section there is at least a paragraph or two of details, however some are up to several pages long.

The latter parts of the book deal with the education, religion, societies and clubs of the town, and well as the local industries. The suburban and country townships section near the end, is almost a mini gazetteer ... which may help you find that small (or now non-existant) place in Queensland you were looking for. The book is completed with the inclusion of numerous photographs both of people and places.

The whole text of this 424 page book is searchable - useful not only for finding names, but also places and other other word in the text.

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. This CD can be viewed by any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4 or later recommended). The data on this CD is completely self-contained, and requires no installation.


Part I - Early Settlement - Pioneers and Colonisation - Old Maryborough

Part II - New Maryborough, 1896

Part III - Around Maryborough

Part IV - Biographical - Pioneers of Wide Bay—Old Colonists, Living and Dead

Part V - Educational, Religious, Societies

Part VI - Local Industries

Part VII - Suburban and Country Townships


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