Queensland Baptist 1923-1931


Cat No.:   AU4005-3:

No of pages in original: 2133pp

Year published: (1923-31)

The Queensland Baptist was the monthly newspaper of the Baptist Association of Queensland. This CD contains all issues of this newspaper from 1923 to 1931.

Each issue contains articles on issues of the day, topical articles, news from Baptist churches throughout the state of Queensland, missionary news, and inter-colonial news. They also often contain reports and statistics of different kinds, articles on different people, obituaries and articles on different Queensland churches as well as stories, poems, songs and letters. They even include adverts for local businesses. e.g. bookshops, dentists, confectioners, organ sellers, insurance, and clothing stores.

Totaling over 2100 pages, this resource is useful for those with an interest in church history, as well as those whose ancestors were involved with the Baptist churches of Queensland, or anyone with an interest in the social history of the state.

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