Aldine History of Queensland


Cat No.:   AU4003:

No of pages in original: 1083pp

Year published: (1888)

Author/Compiler: F. Morrison

An elegant, artistic and extremely rare book, the Aldine History of Queensland, is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated record of Queensland's past, in two large volumes.

It was written in 1888 by W. Frederic Morrison as a celebration of the centennial year of the settlement of Australia and includes chapters on Australian and Queensland history from the exploration of Australia through to the different districts of the colony of Queensland in 1888. It contains information on the different governors, the national constitution, interior exploration, resources, religious work, education, recreation, and a large biographical section. It also includes over 500 illustrations of people and places along with several maps.

The book is a classic that embraces sketches and portraits of Queensland’s noted people; the rise and progress of her varied enterprises; and illustrations of her boundless wealth.


There are at least 3 variant issues of The Aldine History of Queensland, the Iron Works issue, the Courier Buildings issue and the McIlwraith issue. The text appears to be the same in all issues but contain some differing plates. The Ironworks issue is what has been scanned for this CD. We have added the distinctive plates from the Courier issue. We have not yet located a Mcllwraith issue, but would welcome advice of one that may be available to scan – to include its distinctive plates in an updated edition of this CD.

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