New South Wales Almanac and Hand Book 1854 (Moore)


Cat No.:   AU2115-1854:

No of pages in original: 199pp

Year published: (1854)

Almanacs are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history. The 1854 edition was the third year of issue for Moore's NSW Almanac.

New South Wales was a busy place by 1854 as it was during the goldrush period, with approximately 300,000 inhabitants. This Almanac was designed to be a reference work, full of everyday information. It would certainly have been a handbook to have on your shelf.

Beginning with a detailed map of Sydney city, the book is then divided into various sections. The information provided includes a Calendar, Civil and Political Register (which lists hundreds of office holders names together with their position), the Commercial and Economic Register which provides the names of various consulates, as well as banks, and other companies like insurance and railways. The Religious and Other Societies lists the various churches and groups in New South Wales together with the church leaders of each denomination.

The 'General Information' section, covers topics such as statistics, events occurring between August 1852 and September 1853 and all sorts of anecdotes. The regulations and laws are also covered, as is the 'True Wealth and Welfare of New South Wales', and a whole host of other topics.

Genealogists like finding names and dates of family members, but don't dismiss the social history aspect. Historians in other fields would already know that understanding the era gives us a far better perspective on the lives and times of our ancestors. This guide provides a wonderful record of life as it was in New South Wales in 1854.

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