New South Wales Police Gazette 1879


Cat No.:   AU2103-1879:

No of pages in original: 534pp

Year published: (1879)


Looking for your family in New South Wales? Have you thought of looking in the Police Gazettes? They are a valuable source of information which cannot be found anywhere else.


They were compiled to be distributed amongst the police force only. They contain details of police personnel - promotions, demotions, resignations, dismissals, deaths etc. Information is also given on rewards, housebreak-ins, robberies, arson, murders, lost horses and cattle, deserters, escaped prisoners, missing friends, lost or stolen items, reports on those released and so much more. Notices from interstate police gazettes are sometimes included. And victims of crimes are mentioned, as well as other witnesses.

A unique feature of this 1879 volume are the lists of publicans' (and other) licences. They list the licencee's name, address and name of the hotel.

Example entry taken from the 5 March 1879 issue:

Police Department,

Inspector General's Office,

Sydney, 28th February, 1879.

The Unclaimed property hereunder described, and now in the possession of the Police, at Queanbeyan, will, unless previously claimed, be sold by public auction, at the Police Office, Queanbeyan, on Saturday, the 1th March proximo, at noon, in accordance with the Police Regulation Act of 1862:-

One pair of steel yards (large size),

4lbs of tea,

One black felt hat, and

One umbrella.

Edmund Fosbery,

Inspector General of Police

This is a valuable New South Wales resource that is now available for all that is not only easy to use, but it is also very affordable.

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