Official Souvenir of the Municipal Jubilee of Armidale 1863-1913


Cat No.:   AU2013:

No of pages in original: 134pp

Year published: (1913)

Author/Compiler: A.H. Garnsey, J. Scholes & S.J. Kearney

Armidale in New South Wales was first settled in the early 1830s, following the exploration of the area by John Oxley. But it wasn't until 1863, that it became a municipality.

This Jubilee history covers the whole history of Armidale, but focuses on the 1863-1913 period as a 'lasting memento as to what has been done in the last fifty years'. The reader will find not only the early history of the district, but also reminiscences of early locals, council and councillors. Other topics covered include climate, churches, industries, schools, societies, sports clubs, hospitals, banks, and local businesses. Numerous photographs of local identities and views are scattered throughout, and there are many advertisements for local businesses included.

A fascinating book filled with information for the family and local historian.

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