Jubilee History of Parramatta 1861-1911


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No of pages in original: 200pp

Year published: (1911)

Author/Compiler: J. Cheyne Wharton

Published in 1911 to coincide with the Jubilee of Parramatta, this history is a wonderful record of a time past. Consisting of 200 pages the book is divided into two parts, the first being about the Parramatta Council and related topics. The rest of the book covers life in the early days - churches, schools, the defence force, societies, charities and institutions, sports, parks and the Sydney to Parramatta railway.

Details of many personalities, including 'distinguished Parramattans' as well as other locals who are 'Men of Mark' are all included. The book also goes into the culture and progress of Parramatta and includes over 200 photos and many advertisements

This is a valuable resource for those with an interest in the region, or the families associated with it.

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