Bank of New South Wales Roll of Honour

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No of pages in original: 424pp

Year published: (1921)

As a memorial to the staff members from the Bank of New South Wales who served in World War One, the bank decided to produce this book to honour all who participated. 

It is a record of officers of the Bank of New South Wales who enlisted in the 'British' armies, which includes Australia and New Zealand. The bank is proud of the fact that 793 officers enlisted from every branch in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and London out of a staff of 1750 men.

This is the history of nearly 800 men who followed duty to serve their country. Arranged alphabetically by surname, each officer is listed together with a photograph, full name, rank, the battalion they were in and biographical details, as well as information on their military service.

This is a wonderful memorial to those who saw war as it really was, and whose bravery helped shape the Australia that we see today.

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