The Australasian Medical Directory and Handbook 1896


Cat No.:   AU0121-1896:

No of pages in original: 204pp

Ludwig Bruck was a medical practitioner and medical journalist as well as the compiler of the first five editions of the Australasian Medical Directory and Handbook between 1883 and 1900.

The Australasian Medical Directory and Handbook's contain a large amount of statistics and current medical information for all of the Australian states, New Zealand and several of the Pacific islands including Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia.

They contain information including the following:

· laws applicable to the medical profession,

· a directory of medical associations and departments (giving names and addresses),

· information regarding medical courses and university regulations,

· medical fees,

· a complete directory of registered doctors,

· surgeons etc listing their qualifications and past experience

· obituaries as well as relevant geographical information for the different states,

· a general gazetteer and local directory for several country towns,

· statistics and

· lists of medical periodicals

These books include a large amount of useful information for social historians and those interested in medical history, as well as those with ancestors within the medical profession.

This CD contains the whole of the 1896 directory and handbook.

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