Australian Pastoral Directory Compendium 2


Cat No.:   AU0110C-2:

No of pages in original: 2031pp

Year published: (1913,23,25,31,54)

If you are researching ancestors who were stockowners in Australia, the Pastoral Directories are a great resource. This compendium contains facsimiles of the years 1913, 1923, 1925, 1931, and 1954.

Australian Pastoral Directories were published yearly, and each edition lists thousands of stockowners and agents for most states in Australia. The information listed contains the name of the station and the owner, however the larger states (New South Wales and Queensland) contain more detail including numbers of cattle and sheep.

A great resource for finding information on our forbears on the land at different stages in the past.

Each year is also available separately:

Australian Pastoral Directory 1913 see AU0110-1913

Australian Pastoral Directory 1923 see AU0110-1923

Australian Pastoral Directory 1925 see AU0110-1925

Australian Pastoral Directory 1931 see AU0110-1931

Australian Pastoral Directory 1954 see AU0110-1954

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