Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1928


Cat No.:   AU0017-1928:

No of pages in original: 798pp

This fascinating directory is a guide to all things relating to the motor trade. Containing information on motor vehicles as well as all related services - manufacturers, distributors, accessory houses, repair shops, garages ... and more. It covers passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motor cycles. It will interest a wide range of people, from family historians - with anyone in the motor trade in the 1920s, to local historians and members of car clubs or owners of pre-WW2 vehicles.

Contained in almost 800 pages, this directory includes lists of traders' associations and automobile clubs, motor car agents, motor truck agents, motor cycle agents, classified lists of tyres, oils and greases, lists of accessories, parts, machinery, tools and equipment, wholesale dealers distributing and/or importing for the motor trade, used car dealers, city, suburban and country garages, repair engineers, retailers of accessories and traders in motor lines operating in all states.

A fascinating guide to Australian motoring in the 1920s.

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