Western Australia: Its History and Progress


Cat No.:   AU8012:

(466 pages)

Author: A. Calvert

Year: (1894)


Albert Frederick Calvert, noted author, traveler and mining engineer, was born in Middlesex, England, and visited Western Australia a number of times, the first being in 1890. He was fascinated with the region, and wrote numerous books on both Western Australia and particularly the goldfields there.


Written in 1894, this was an up-to-date handbook on Western Australia, and covers topics such as its discovery, settlement, exploration, geography, mineral resources and forests. There are also chapters on pearling and native fish; harbours, shipping and commerce; manufacturers; railways; postal, telegraph and banks; political institutions, population and health; finance; recreation, military defence, immigration, wages and more.

There are numerous photographs and sketches throughout, and the appendix includes newspaper articles from various newspapers of the day. Fascinating to read, overall, this little book provides a wonderful history of Western Australia as it was in 1894.

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