South Australia and Western Australia - A. Trollope


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Anthony Trollope, the famous English novelist whose books illuminate virtually every aspect of late nineteenth century England also wrote travel books. In 1873 he published Australia and New Zealand in two volumes and in 1874 the work was re-issued in four sections of which this is one.


This book includes descriptions of various places in both South Australia and Western Australia. These are quite detailed and usually start with the founding or naming of the place, and continue through their early history. A great read for all those interested in early colonial history in South Australia and Western Australia. As as added feature there are also detailed maps of both colonies included.

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South Australia

1. Early History

2. Adelaide

3. Land

4. Wool

5. Minerals

6. Northern Territory: Telegraph and Railway

7. Legislative and Government


Western Australia

1. Early History

2. Rottnest and Fremantle

3. Present Condition

4. Future Prospects