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The full title of this book (per the Title Page) is: “A Partial Genealogy of John Reynolds, Born in England in 1612 (supposedly), Sailed from Ipswich County, Suffolk. A Part of His Lineage to 1916. As Compiled and Published by Alvah Reynolds, Altona, Illinois, September, 1916. With a Chapter of Heraldry extending back to 1327.”

From first sight it is clear that Alvah is a seasoned historian and practiced Family Historian. He realizes that a Family History will almost never be completely researched, so there should always remain a way to add in new information, as well as to revise or correct, that already recorded.

The most obvious way this can be seen is in the layout of his book. Whenever the author provides his own researched information about the Reynolds family, and his relatives, ancestors he leaves the adjoining page (across the “book-fold”) blank so the book’s current owners would have a place to make there notes.* As a result a great many pages - almost half in fact - contain no printed text, (although they are numbered and headed.) A facility previous owners of this particular book have taken advantage of. Unfortunately, however these previous owners failed to identify either themselves, of the source of their additions, making the additions little more than “hints” or “rumors,” not reliable enough to reproduce as a correction of, or addition to, this book. On the other hand it would be a disservice to the Reynolds followers not to pass the information along.
(* When quoting information provided by others he used the more conventional, continuous, page layout.)

One of the advantages of this digital format is that the page images can be relatively easily edited, without any danger of harming the original book, or of significantly increasing the cost of the end product, so we elected to give the reader the option of reading just Alvah’s original published text OR to read the “marked-up” version, as it exists today.

So, the reader will find a major division of this publication into TWO digital copies of the book identified as; a Complete copy and an Original copy:

In the “Complete” copy, all the pages and annotations remain as we found them, so we present ALL of the pages in the book AS DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS. (Many of the hand annotations flowed across the “book-fold” so the double page spread format allows the comments to remain aligned with the originating printed matter.) This reproduction remains as pictures of the pages only, there is no searchable background text.

The “Original” copy is presented in the conventional SINGLE PAGE AT A TIME format. However, we have not only electronically removed all of the later hand annotations (some of which actually obscured the original printing), but we have also omitted all of the “empty” pages. This does mean the page numbers are NOT CONTIGUOUS but, on the other hand, the content does flow without interruption. Also included in this “Original” reproduction is an appendix containing a reproduction of two pages (15 / 16) from “The Reynolds Family Association document (apparently) from the early 1920’s, report, providing an Autobiography of Alvah Reynolds at the age of 91. (There are NO “Blank Page” notifications in this reproduction, if a page is missing it had NO RELEVANT TEXT on it. This version has, however, been made computer searchable.)

Conventions and Systems used to indicate Generational Relationships.

By observation it appears that Alvah is following the National Genealogy Society Quarterly’s “Modified Register System” as the basis of his construction of this Family Tree Record. The details of this are easily found so are not repeated here but fundamentally it means it is a traditional “Genealogical” tree following ONLY the male line with females only identified as wives and daughters. This tree’s progenitor is John Reynolds who who was born in England (Suffolk Co.) in 1612, married Sarah “?” who was born in England in 1614. They emigrated (initially) to Watertown (Nr. Boston), Mass., America, in 1633.

Author, Alvah, used a numbering system to identify the generational standing of all the individuals named. The following text (copied directly from the book’s “EXPLANATION” page) gives the key to this numbering system, as follows:

“In following the descendants of John Reynolds we have omitted the sir name, using only the given name.
Figure on left is the No. of child in the family, and Roman Figure the No. of generation from John, he being the first in America.
Letters b. for born; d. for died; m. for married, etc.
In tracing from present to past generations take the name, the No. of name, No. of generation and the family to which it belongs, and you have a good directory from one generation to another.

We have traced the descendants of John Reynolds by his son, Jonathan, and his wife, Rebecca Husted, in Part One.

In Part Two the tracing is of his son, John, and his wife, Judah Palmer.
We find that the two lines come together in the marriage of Enoch and Mariah Reynolds in 1819, in the sixth and seventh generations and after a lapse of more than two centuries.”

As the book provides ONLY a written tree of family information, i.e., there is no graphical illustration, this numbering system provides the necessary “linkage” through the tree. Index pages at the rear of the text providing the page numbers of the child No. / Generation No. linkage. Although workable this system is somewhat tedious, so we have taken advantage of the capabilities of the digital technology to add “hyperlinks” which eliminate the need to cross-reference through the Index pages and go directly from one part of the tree to the other end of its link. Linkages have been provided for both parts one and two but there are no links between the parts.

The highest generation number in the book is Gen. 11, so the book covers the period from 1612 until just before the book’s publication in 1916, or about 300 years. The book’s earlier owners in their handwritten annotations advanced those dates, in a few instances, by about another 50 years, to the mid 1900’s but earlier warnings about their veracity are emphasized.

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