The Blue Book: Textile Directory US & Canada (Directory) 1897-98


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This is a comprehensive directory of the textile trade and associated manufacturing industries for the years 1897 and 1898. It lists all manufacturing operations in the whole of Canada and the United States. The Textile manufacturers are indexed by country, state / province and the type of fiber they worked in, i.e., cotton, woolen, silk, or the coarser fibers like jute, linen, hemp or flax. There are also entries for associated trades such as Dyers and Finishers, Print Works and Bleachers and a section identifying 'new mills' opened since the last issue.

To round out the directory there is a section listing 1144 railroad routes followed by 17 pages of maps showing all the US railroad routes and the business districts of selected cities important to the textile trade.

If you are researching anyone, or anything, associated with the textile industry in these years there's a good chance of a mention here. Each Works and Mill is listed by name and the listing includes the names of the owner or principle officers as well as the main facilities.

In addition to the actual directory there are almost 200 indexed advertisements for all sorts of textile manufacturers and service providers.

At the rear there is an alphabetical index of all the entries in the directory which, together with the text search capability, will make finding the mill or person you are interested in, easy.

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