Kelly's Post Office Directory of Surrey 1867


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Republished here on full-searchable CD-Rom is the 1867 edition of Kelly's Post Office Directory of Surrey. Containing nearly 450 printed pages, which includes a map of the county. As with most other directories published by Kelly's, this 1867 Surrey edition, although primarily a directory, also serves as a gazetteer. Originally issued as part of a joint publication for counties Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, this is one of the earlier editions of Kelly's Directory of Surrey.

The Surrey Post Office Directory details every village, town and city in the county providing thorough topographical and statistical descriptions of all of the religious, educational, civil and municipal institutions contained in each. In most instances the directory also provides a brief historical account of the village or town under consideration, which often includes important events and personages connected with the locality. Beginning with the parish of Abinger and ending with the parishes of Wotton Low Hill and Wotton Up Hill, the bulk of Kelly's Post Office Directory of County Surrey for 1867 is taken-up by the alphabetical entries for the cities, towns and villages of the county.

For any reader who might be unfamiliar with a directory and gazetteer such as Kelly's the degree of information contained on each village can be gleaned from the description of one of the entries, that of Long Ditton. Noted as a parish and village situated a mile and a quarter from Kingston in the western division of the county and adjoining Thames Ditton, Long Ditton was described as being in the rural deanery of North-East Ewell, the archdeaconry of Surrey and the diocese of Winchester. The Church of St. Mary is amply noticed in both appearance and situation. The living of the parish was a rectory with an annual income of £474 and was the gift of New College Oxford. The principal landowners were the Earls of Lovelace and Egmont, the former being the Lord of the Manor of Long Ditton and the latter of Tolworth. Together with the hamlet of Tolworth the parish had a population of 1,445 in 1861 with an area of 2,116 acres. Also listed are the local post office, receiving house, insurance agents, tax collectors, police and carriers. As with each of the towns and villages noticed, the entry is concluded with an alphabetical list of private residents, a useful adjunct to the 1861 Census, and also an alphabetical listing of the commercial interests of the parish, including larger farmer, public houses and blacksmiths.

The alphabetical list of villages and towns is followed by a county-wide alphabetical listing of Surrey's principal private residents, as well as a Trades and Professional Directory for the County. For anyone with even the slightest interest in the residents, topography of descriptions of the county of Surrey before its was swallowed-up by the expansion of Greater London, this fully-searchable 1867 edition of Kelly's Directory of Surrey is heartily recommended. 

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