Adelaide Almanack, Town and Country Directory and Guide to South Australia 1867 (Boothby)


Cat No.:   AU5115-1867:

No of pages in original: 425pp

Over 250 pages of directory, plus over 100 pages of advertisements, many of which are illustrated. Divided into several sections the first part consists of a Directory of Adelaide listing residents in each street. The next is an Alphabetical Directory of people and their occupations.


Then comes the Government and Official Directory followed by the Ecclesiastical, Municipal and Societies Directory, the Mercantile Directory and the Trades index and finally the fascinating advertisements. An incredible wealth of information all packed onto one CD for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

No. of CDs is:  1 ;   Format is:  PDF ;   Searchable?:  YES;

FastFind:  Yes;  ISBN No.:   9781921175015;