History of Adelaide and Vicinity 1901


Cat No.:   AU5041:

No of pages in original: 715pp

Author/Compiler: J. Pascoe


Written in 1901, with the aim to produce a “proper history of South Australia”, this book gives a general sketch of the history of Adelaide and its vicinity and includes quite a substantial biographical section.


Beautifully presented with illustrations and photo’s scattered throughout, this book focuses on the people who made South Australia what it is and includes chapters on the forerunners, the architects, the founders, the builders, the citizens, the husbandmen, the legislators, the producers, the railway builders and the jubilee.


This is followed by a biographical section which has about 220 separate biographies of influential men from several different walks of life in South Australia’s history including doctors, lawyers, ministers of religion, businessmen, captains and professors. They are quite detailed, ranging in length from half a page to several pages and many are accompanied by photographs.


The book also contains an appendix which includes sections on population, mayors etc, the commonwealth, and notes on the constitution.


This is a beautiful book to read and a useful tool for South Australian historians.

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