The Australian Handbook 1904


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1012 pages packed with all kinds of useful an interesting information. The outline on the title page gives some idea of its contents and scope: Australian Handbook (incorporating New Zealand, Fiji, and New Guinea) - Shippers, importers and professional Directory & business guide for 1904, 35th year of issue - Containing Calendar of notable events, Mail tables showing arrivals and departures of Australasian mails, British customs' tariff, postal regulations, Public amusements, public offices, members of parliament, etc., etc. Details concerning emigration to Australasia, Mining and land regulations, Telegraphic and postal arrangements between Great Britain and Australia, History, descriptive account, and statistical information of each state, New Zealand, Fiji and New Guinea, A gazetteer of the principal towns in Australia and New Zealand, Irrigation Colonial buyers' guide, Importers in Australasia, Banks, Anglo Australian companies, government debentures, Maps, Plans, etc.

The gazetteer alone is worth the purchase price. This covers well over 3000 towns and villages throughout Australia and New Zealand in nearly 300 pages. It gives particulars as to situation, population, means of communication, hotels, churches, trade, manufactures, etc

Other features include:

many superb maps in colour which enlarge well on screen to show much fine detail not easily read directly from the original. There are maps for each state, most capital cities, each island of New Zealand, Fiji, New Guinea, the World - and a detailed map of London of 100 years ago

a list of the newspapers published in Australasia, with newspaper maps for most states and each island of New Zealand showing .the positions of the various towns where there is a newspaper published.

extensive New Zealand coverage throughout - including the gazetteer, maps and other historical and reference content

significant coverage of Fiji and New Guinea

a section on emigration with detailed information on fares, length of voyage

guide to wages for various occupations in each state and NZ

guide to prices of provisions etc and much more in each state and NZ.

land regulations for each state and NZ

Historical outline and chronology of events in Australian history

railway maps of each state and NZ

numerous advertisements

This handbook is a fine guide and handy reference to the world of our ancestors around 100 years ago.

The whole 1012 page handbook is searchable on all text, including the numerous advertisements that are part of this volume.

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