Post Offices and Railroad Stations in Canada - 1919


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Canada’s post exploration growth has been spearheaded by Agriculture (farming). This created new areas with little population, and consequently the need to continually expand the areas served by: the Postal Services, the Railways and the Shipping lines.

Post Offices were established with a view to serving as many Agricultural Pioneers as possible while still having viable access to a “mail carrier.” This, in turn resulted in Post Offices being established in places which had only “local” names (as opposed to recognized village / town names.) So the population served by a Post Office would then use this name to “describe” their settlement’s location, particularly when asked for their address. (People in rural areas expected to have to visit their post office to collect their mail. Individual deliveries were reserved to ‘cities’ only.) This address would then be used in “records” about them. In some cases these places grew into recognized population centers, in which case the Post Office name often became the village or town name and will still be recognizable. In other cases either urban growth overran the Post Office and its name was changed to reflect its location in the town / city, OR improvements in personal transportation rendered the Post Office redundant and it was closed and the “location” became untraceable.

The 1919 listing is a snapshot of the names of ALL Post Offices existing in the Dominion (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, Quebec, & Saskatchewan) showing their “Electoral District” and the nearest Railway line / station. We estimate there are about 13,800 Post Offices listed.

The names of the railways are collected into a comprehensive list of ALL the operating Railroads, Express Companies, Steamships & Steamboat lines in the Dominion.

Probably the most comprehensive listing of “local Post Office Names” and “Public Transportation Companies” in the Dominion of 1919.

Gleaned from: The Canadian Almanac, Published: 1919

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