The Magnet, Vol.8 No.1 (1926), Jarvis Collegiate Inst. Year Book


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Terming itself a newspaper rather than a yearbook this publication sets out to record, and celebrate, the school’s achievements during the 1925 - 26 year rather than to just list the staff and students in their graduating year.

Founded in 1807 and originally called the Home District Grammar School this was one of the first publicly funded schools in, then, Upper Canada. In 1888 the school changed its name, when it moved, to being the “Jarvis Street Collegiate Institute.” The Jarvis Street part of the name distinguishing it from the Jameson Avenue High School (later Parkdale) Toronto’s second “grammar” school which was founded in that year.

Appearing to be only the second edition of The Magnet, the newspaper is the work of a staff drawn from the school’s own pupils (with the advice of three members of staff) and they are all recognized for their contribution in the first few pages. From the volume numbering we must conclude, however, that The Magnet succeeds some earlier version of the school’s literary output.

Following the introductory materials there is an array of articles ranging from works of literary fiction to news of sporting events and from the activities of the “Radio Club” to collections of high school humor from a past age. Where appropriate the names of students have been recorded and some even appear in captioned photographs. Towards the rear a section provides news of Alumni, providing a somewhat expanded period of coverage of the names and deeds of Jarvis students.

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