The War Book of Upper Canada College, Toronto (1914-1919) Published 1923


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This book was intended to identify all the "Old Boys" of the prestigious Upper Canada College who participated in "The Great War" of 1914-1918. Those who gave their lives are commemorated in a separate section but for every "Old Boy" identified there is a short biography and the majority also have a photographic portrait.

The book does not give an exact number of Old Boys recorded but we estimate it to be in the order of 1100. In addition to the biographies, which take up most of the book's 322 pages, there are also lists of Decorations, Honours and Distinctions earned and a chronological list of entries into the college ranging from 1861 through 1918.

This is a hard to come by source of biographical information of ex students of this ancient and prestigious educational establishment. The book is fully searchable using Adobe Reader, even down to the name captions on the photographic portraits.

This valuable book has been loaned to us by Chris Wight. Chris has joined Marc Leroux to undertake the mammoth task of making a biographical database of all the Canadians who took part in The Great War. This work will be underway for a long time, but the current data base contents have been made available and can be found at , please visit their site so they know their work is being appreciated.

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