Northamptonshire 1830 Pigot's Directory

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One of the earliest directories, this one covers the whole of the county, with descriptions of all of the towns and main villages, churches, schools, etc. and a listing of people with trades. Everything from doctors to candle makers, dress makers working from home to chimney sweeps, butchers, bakers and bricklayers, etc. A huge amount of early 19th century information of interest to historians and genealogists.


This county directory was purchased from a book dealer as a loose collection of unbound pages with no cover. Originally it would have been part of a combined county volume, and therefore when we finally obtained all of the other parts of the book (over a period of time from many different book dealers) we decided to reinstate it as you see illustrated here. Beautifully rebound in half leather, with hand made marbled paper and real gold leaf lettering and lining on the spine.

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