Hamilton Centennial 1846 - 1946 (by Download)


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(Sub-titled: One Hundred Years of Progress.)

This is a publication of The Hamilton Centennial Committee, edited by Alexander H Wingfield. It summarizes the history and progress of the (now) city of Hamilton as it developed from a overgrown, swampy valley into the important and cosmopolitan city which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1946.

The individual chapters in the book are the work of various experts in their fields. The initial chapter, by Charles R. McCullough, recalls the early exploration of LaSalle and the later homesteading of displaced United Empire Loyalists as they radiated from the Niagara area, having made good their escape from the persecutions of the newly independent citizens of the thirteen southern colonies of British North America. It was this homesteading that was to form the early beginnings of the area then know as “the Head of the Lake,” and which we now recognize as Hamilton.

From this foundation the book provides chapters exploring various facets of the development of the city’s structure and society. For instance: Industrial & Commercial Development, Churches, The Arts, Education, Medical Arts, Libraries, Sports and Youth Activities. There is also a chapter giving biographical details on a number of “Eminent Citizens.” Illustrated throughout with many photographs, engravings and diagrams, the book concludes with a collection of advertising plates illustrated in true “mid 40’s” style.

All through the book the names and personal details of prominent citizens are provided as they become relevant, particularly - of course - in the chapter identifying the city’s “Eminent Citizens.” Also present are photographic portraits of a large number of city’s officials (at the time of publication.)

This is a book which will not only provide you with a history of Hamilton’s first 100 years but also details a snap-shot of the city just after the second World War for comparison with the result of further development which has led to todays metropolis.

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