Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Lambton 1906 (by Download)


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Here's a treat - instant family history! The index of this book indicates over 1000 entries all of whom are, "Prominent & Representative Citizens and many of the Early Settled Families," to quote the book's title page. We estimate over 18,000 people are identified in this book. You will find a list of the indexed names below.

This book was published in 1906 by J. H. Beers and Company, which is the same company that was responsible for the famous County Historical Atlases so popular with family historians today. In all probability then this book contains entries for those families who were willing to pay to appear in it, similar to how the entries were chosen to be made in the County Atlases.

How much better value than the Atlases this book is though. Not just a single entry of the landowner's name, but a complete family history covering at least three generations, including details of spouses and their families. Many of the entries are accompanied with a good photographic portrait of the primary subject, often titled with their signature. What a prize for your family history!

There is one significant difference between this and the County Historical Atlases though. As far as I can tell these Biographical Records were only produced for the counties of Essex, Kent, York and Lambton.

This is a large book being 10 1/2 inches by 8 inches and containing 840 pages. Our reproduction is fully text searchable in Adobe Reader® or any similar PDF file reader. This means you will not need the very expensive "Complete Index" to the book which has been published separately.

As a bonus one of the book's previous owners - apparently a member of the David M. Johnston family - has pasted newspaper clippings relating to significant events in their family's history since the book was published.

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List of Family names in the book's index:

Acton, Thomas; Adams, Joshua; Aiken, Robert; Alexander, Andrew; Alexander, William J; Anderson, A D; Anderson, Andrew S; Anderson Family ; Anderson, Frank S; Anderson, John E; Annett, James ; Archer, Edward ; Armstrong, James ; Armstrong, James J; Armstrong, John (Enniskillen) ; Armstrong, John (Moore); Armstrong, John B; Armstrong, Orson; Armstrong, William; Atkinson, George; Auld, Robert; Bain, Mrs. Mary; Bain, Robert A; Baker Family; Bannister, James E; Barclay, Patrick; Barnes, Samuel D; Barrett, Joseph; Barron, John; Barwise, John; Baskerville, Thomas; Battice, John; Baxter, Robert H; Beaton, John B; Beatty, William J; Bedard, Alexander A; Bedard, Charles; Bedard Family; Bedard, William; Bell, George (Brooke); Bell, George (Enniskilleri); Bell, John W; Benner, Mary A; Benner, Capt. William; Bennett, John H; Bennett, Mrs. Mary J; Bentley, David B, M. D., C. M; Bentley, William J., D. D. S.; Bindner, John C; Black, Archie; Black, John; Blackstock, M Frederick; Blunden, Simon; Boothman, Thomas R; Boswell, Nathaniel; Bourne, William J; Bowlby, Nathaniel D; Brake, Henry W; Brandon, Mrs. Alison; Brandon, Thomas; Brandon, William ; Brannan, C E; Braybrook, William A; Brennan, Rev. John; Brison Family; Britney, Henry; Britney, Oscar L; Brock, Charles ; Brock, Robert ; Brooks, Mrs. James N; Brooks, William; Brown Family ; Brown, Henry ; Brown, James C; Brown, John (Dawn); Brown, John (Plympton); Brown, Peter McG, M. B.; Brown, Robert, J. P.; Brown, Thomas ; Brown, Thomas W; Brown, William ; Brownlee, Christopher; Brownlee, Robert; Brownlee, Robert H; Burr, Joseph; Butler, Frederick; Cable, William; Cairns, James K; Cairns, Joseph; Callum, Duncan; Calvert, David; Cameron, Donald; Cameron Families (2); Cameron, Malcolm D; Campbell, Archie; Campbell, Colin McK; Campbell, Dougald ; Campbell, Duncan; Campbell, Duncan (deceased); Campbell, Edward; Campbell Family; Campbell, James; Campbell, John; Campbell, Malcolm; Campbell, Mrs. Margaret; Campbell, Robert; Campbell, Col. Robert; Campbell, Mrs. Susanna; Cann, John; Cann, John W; Capes, Henry; Capes, James (deceased); Capes, James; Capes, John; Carr, George; Carrothers, William; Carruthers, Robert; Carscaden, Mrs. Barbara; Carscaden, Rev. David; Carter Family; Carter, John; Casselman, Hiram M; Chalmers, Alexander; Chalmers Family; Chamberlin, O W; Claris Family; Claris, John A; Clark, Daniel; Clark Families (2); Clark, Mrs. Janet; Clark, James C; Clark, Orlando S; Clark, Robert; Clark, William B; Clarke, Samuel L; Clemens, Emery; Clements, William; Clysdale, James; Clysdale, John J; Code, Richard; Cole, Mrs. Emily; Cole Family; Cole, George; Cole, Samuel; Colter, Charles F, D. D. S.; Colter, Mrs. Elizabeth; Colter Family; Colter, William; Colter, Dr. William F B; Conboy, David; Conboy, Thomas; Cook, Albert A; Cook, H A; Cooley, Hiram; Cooley, Mrs. Louise; Core, Thomas; Corey, Harrison; Cornell Families (2); Cornell, Jonas; Cornell, Mrs. Sarah; Cornell, Stephen; Coulbeck, William; Coultis, George; Coultis, John; Courtright, James M; Cowan Family; Cowan, John; Cowan, William; Cox, Oliver M; Craig, Andrew W; Craise, Mrs. Clara H; Craise, Robert L; Crawford Family; Crawford, John A; Crawford, Thomas; Crockard, James H; Crone, Francis; Crosbie Family; Crosbie, Gilbert S; Crossley, George; Cruickshank, James; Currie Family; Currie, Rev. Hector; Curry, Robert; Cushen, James; Cuthbertson Family; Cuthbertson, William; Dale, William H; Dallas, John; Dallas, John S; Dallas, Robert G; Dalton, Patrick M; Dalziel, John; Dandy, John; Davidson, John; Davidson, Mrs. Matilda; Dawson, Archie A; Dawson, William R; Delmage, Adam; Denham, George; Dennis, George; Dennis, Henry; Dennis, John S; Dewar, Archibald; Dewar James; Dier, Henry R; Dobbin, John; Dobbin, William S; Dobbyn, Thomas; Dodds, Peter; Dodds, Peter J; Dolbear, William; Donald, George (Bosanquet) ; Donald, George (Plympton); Donald, John F; Douglas, Anthony; Douglas Family; Douglas, George; Douglas, John N; Douglas, Robert; Downing, Mrs. Angeline; Downing, Marshall M; Drader, Ernest; Draper, Mrs. Mary; Draper, Tronson; Dressey, George i; Droupe, William; Duffy, Francis; Duggan, Dennis; Duggan, Mrs. Frances; Duggan, Michael; Duggan, Thomas F; Duncan, Albert; Duncan, John R; Dundas, Mrs. Mary; Dundas, William; Dunfield, John, M D; Dunham, Daniel; Dunham, David; Dunlop, Alfred; Eady, William; Eccles, Mrs. Isabella; Eccles, John D, J. P.; Edgar, Mrs. Annie E; Edgar, Thomas E; Edwards, James; Edwards, Samuel W; Elliot, Elliot G; Elliott, Edward; Elliott, J F; Ellis, Arthur W; Ellis, William (Brooke); Ellis, William (Sarnia); Ellis, Mrs. William; English, Adam; English Family; English, William (Brooke); English, William (Petrolia); English, Mrs. William (2); Ewart Family; Ewart, Thomas; Ewing, Alexander; Fairbairn, Henry K; Fairbank, Charles O, M. D.; Fairbank, J H; Farr, Charles A; Farr, William; Farrell Family; Farrell, John; Fawcett, John; Ferguson, Archibald B; Ferguson, Mrs. Catharine; Ferguson Family; Ferguson, John; Ferguson, John I, M. D.; Ferguson, William (Point Edward); Ferguson, William (Sarnia); Finch Family; Finch, Judson G; Fisher, James A; Fitzgibbon, David; Fitzsimons, George; Fitzsimons, Thomas; Fleck, Alfred R; Fleck, Charles McN; Fleck, Robert; Fleming, Mrs. Annie; Fleming, Michael; Flintoft Families (2); Flintoft, James ; Forbes, Henry ; Foster, John ; Fowler, John A; Fraser, Dr. A. S .; Freer, Albert W; Fuller, George; Fuller, William; Gammon, Mrs. Elizabeth; Gammon, William; Gammon, William (retired); Gardiner, Robert; Gardiner, Stewart; Gascoigne, Nicholas J; German, George; German, Mrs. George; Gibb, John; Gibb, Robert; Gibson, John P; Gillatly, John, Jr; Gillatly, John, Sr; Glover, James; Gnam, Rev. Philip J; Goold, Mrs. James W; Gordon Family; Goring, Lloyd ; Gorman, Henry ; Gould, Charles; Govenlock, Thomas; Graham, George; Graham, Peter; Graham, Peter (deceased); Graham, William A; Growder, John; Gubbins, Mrs. Robert; Gurd, Alfred T; Gurd, Norman; Gurd, Robert S; Gustin, Charles; Gustin Family; Hackney, William; Hackney, William A; Hales, Edward; Hall, Charles; Hall Families (2); Hall, Joseph (Enniskillen); Hall, Joseph (Warwick); Hammond, W H; Hand, John; Harding, William H; Hare, Albert; Hare Family; Hargin, John, Jr; Harkness, James; Harley, James; Harrison, John; Harrison, Mrs. Margaret C; Hartley, George G; Hastings, Thomas; Hay, Rev. Robert; Hayward, Charles; Hay ward, Joseph; Heal, Robert; Hendra, John; Hescott, George; Hicks, George, D. D. S.; Hicks, William H; Hilborn Family; Hilborn, Nelson; Hill, Mrs. Ellen; Hitchcock Family; Hitchcock, F B; Hitchcock, Marcus A; Hitchcock, Samuel; Holbrook, John; Holmes, Andrew; Holmes Brothers; Holwell, George W; Holwell, Mrs. Martha; Hosie, James; Hossie, David; Hossie Family; Houston, Mrs. Eliza; Houston, James; Houston, John; Houston, King; Houston, Thomas; Houston, William; Howard, George; Hume, Arthur; Hume, John; Hume, J H; Humphries, Edward; Hunt, L I; Hunter Family; Hunter, John; Hutton, James, M. D.; Hyatt, Mrs. Mary; Hyatt, Solomon; Hyde, Frank W; Ingram, Henry; Ingram, William; Ironside, Adam R; Ivinson, Edward; Jaap, George; Jackson, Robert; Jackson, William (Sarnia); Jackson, William (Sarnia Township); Jackson, Zachariah; Jacobs, Mrs. Frances; Jacobs, Rev. John; Jamieson, Alexander; Janes Family; Janes, William; Tarmaine Family; Jarmaine John P; Jarvis, Gilbert; Jarvis, Joseph J; Johnson, Alexander; Johnson, David; Johnson, Edwin; Johnson Family; Johnson, Hugh; Johnson, James; Johnson, Malcolm; Johnson, Mary; Johnson, Thomas; Johnston, Alexander; Johnston, David; Johnston Families(4); Johnston, James; Johnston, Sutherland; Johnston, Dr. Thomas G, M. P.; Johnston, Thomas L; Karr, Richard; Kaupp, Joseph; Keating Family; Keck, Peter W; Kedwell, William; Kells, William; Kelly, Alexander J; Kelly, James; Kennedy, Alexander; Kennedy, Caleb; Kennedy, Edward; Kennedy Family; Kenny, Randal; Kenny, Thomas; Kerr, John; Kesson Brothers; Ketch, Albert E; Kewley Family; Kewley, Frederick C; Kidd, Alexander; Kimball, Norman; Kingston, Paul; Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Mary; Kirkpatrick, Michael; Kittermaster, Anthony B; Kittermaster, Frederick W; Kittermaster, Tames H; Knauff, John L; Lamb, Alexander; Lamb, Peter; Lampman, Thomas A; Lancey, Henry W; Lang, John; Langan, John; La Pier, Peter; Lawrence, Henry P; Lawrence, William F; Leach, George; LeBel, E. A.; Leckie, Gilbert; Leckie, John; Leckie, Neil; Leckie, Neil W; Lee, Thaddeus D; Leitch, Donald M; Lemon William; Lett, John; Lett Robert; Levitt Family; Levitt, Robert; Lewis, Frederick E; Leys, Alexander; Liddon, Henry; Lindsay Family; Lindsay, Lachlan; Littleproud, Alfred W; Lloyd, Ellis; Lockie, John; Logie, William, M. D.; Lotighead, Fred J; Loughead, James S; Lovell, A Leslie; Lovell, Henry; Lovell, Thomas H; Lucas, David W H; Lucas, George; Lucas, George (deceased); Lucas, James; Lucas, Wellington R J; Luke, John; Lnnham, Andrew ; Lunham, James; Luscombe, William; McAlpine Family; McBean Family; McBean, John A; McBryan Family; McBryan, Henry; McCallum Family; McCallum, John; McCallum, Mrs. N; McCallum Peter; McCart, Daniel; McCleister, William; McClemens, Richard; McColl, Neil; McConnell Family; McConnell, John; McConnell William D,; McCordic, Nathaniel; McCorkindale, John; McCormick Family; McCormick, John; McCormick, Robert J; McCrie Matthew; McCutcheon, James W; McDonald, Alexander T; McDonald Families (2); McDonald, James; McDonald, John; McDonald, Murdoch; McDonald, Robert G M. D.; McDonald, William (Bosanquet); McDonald, William (Brooke); McDonald, William A; McDougald, Robert T; McDougall, Alexander; McDougall, Dugald; McFarlane, Neil; McGeachy, John; McGeach'y, Margaret; McGeachy, Mary; McGill, Thomas; McGillicuddy, Eusebius ; McGillicuddy, James H; McGregor Families (2); McGregor, Peter; McGregor, Peter (deceased); McGuire, James (Dawn, 1834); McGuire, James (Dawn, 1854); McGuire, Thomas D. M.; McGurk, Henry; McHattie, John; Mclntire, Joseph (deceased); Mclntosh, George; Mclntosh Henry; Mclntosh, John D; Mclntyre, Archibald; Mclntyre, Dugal F; Mclntyre, Duncan; Mclntyre Families (2); Mclntyre, Malcolm; McKay, Alpheus; McKee Frank J; McKellar, Donald; McKellar, Dougald E; McKellar, James; McKellar, Mrs. Mary; McKellar, Neil; McKenzie, John; McKenzie, John S; McKenne, James; McKeune, Thomas; McKinlay, Donald; McKinley Family; McKinley, James; McKitrick, Thomas; McLachlan, Duncan; McLachlen John; McLean, Alexander; McLean, Alexander D; McLean, Charles; McLean, Donald G; McLean Family; McLean, Hector; McLean, James; McLean, Mrs. Margaret; McLeay, Murdo; McLellan, Donald; McMahan, Albert; McMahan, James; McMahan John; McMahan, John (deceased); McMahan, William H; McMahen, Frederick J; McMahen Thomas A; McMillan, Archibald S; McMillan, Mrs. Isabella; McMillan, John; McMillan, John P; McMillan, Hon. Neal; McMurphy, Archie; McMurphy, Dugald; McMurphy, Duncan; McNab Capt. John; McNabb, Angus; McNabb, Christena; McNabb, John; McNeil, Hugh; McNeil, John; McPherson, Joseph; McPherson, William; McTagert, Donald; McVicar, Mrs. Catherine; Macalpin Family; Macalpin, William J; MacKenzie, Charles (deceased); MacKenzie, Charles; Mackenzie, Mrs. Charlotte; Mackenzie, Christopher; MacKenzie, Daniel; MacKenzie, Major Duncan; MacKenzie, Hector; Mackenzie, John; MacKenzie, John A; MacKenzie, Judge John A, B. A.; MacKenzie, Malcolm; MacKenzie, Mrs. Margaret; MacKenzie, Stuart D, M. D.; MacKenzie William L; Mackesy, William; MacLean, Archibald; MacLean Family; Maddock, Samuel; Maidment James; Mannen, David; Mannen, John; Marsh, John ; Martin, Richard; Martyn, John; Matheson Family; Matheson, George N; Matthews, Charles; Matthews Family; Mercier Family; Mercier, Isaac; Merrick Family; Metcalf Family; Meyers, Alexander A; Meyers Family; Miles Family; Miles, John; Miller, John; Miller, Joseph; Miller, Mrs. Mary; Miller, Walter; Miller William (Point Edward); Miller William (Sarnia); Millikin, Benjamin J; Millikin Robert; Mills, David B; Mills Robert; Mitchell, John; Monroe, Reuben J; Montgomery Family; Montgomery, Hugh; Montgomery, Tames A; Montgomery, Robert; Moore, Albert H; Moore, James H. B.; Moore, William; Moorhouse Family; Moorhouse, Robert; Morgan, George; Morris, Charles J. F.; Morris Family; Morris, Mrs. Lydia; Morris, Mrs. Mary A; Morris, Thomas; Morrison, Alfred T; Morrison, Andrew; Morrison, Daniel; Morrison Family; Morrison, John; Morrison, John (deceased); Morwood, John A; Mowbray, William; Munns, William A, M. D.; Munroe, Neil; Murphy, Michael; Murray, Robert; Nash, Hutchinson J M. D.; Neal, Capt. Alvin C; Neal, Capt. William D; Neil, William; Nelson, John; Nelson, Mrs. John; Nesbitt, Alexander D; Nesbitt, John; Nesbitt, Nathan K; Newell, Ezra; Nicholson, William; Nisbet Family; Nisbet, William; Noble, John D, Esq.; Oakes, Thomas J; O'Brien, Cornelius; O'Brien, James; O'Brien James (deceased); Odell, George; Oliver, Edward M. D.; Oliver, Mrs. John H; Oliver Robert S; O'Neil, Mrs. Elizabeth; O'Neil Families (2); O'Neil, John; O'Neil, Maj. John F; O'Neil, Thomas; Orrange, Edward; Osborne, Joseph; Osborne Peter; Ovans, John; Ovans, William; Paee, John; Palmer Family; Palmer, Reuben C; Pardee Frederick F, M. P. P.; Park Families (2); Park, Hugh; Park, James; Park, Robert J; Parks, William H; Patterson, William; Pattinson, Joseph; Paul Family; Paul, John; Payne, Joseph; Pearce, George; Peat, James; Perkins, J Eli; Pesha, Lewis; Peters, Edward J; Pettypiece, Henry J; Pickering, Isaac; Pickering, Mrs. Margaret; Piggott, James; Pitkin, G S ; Porte, William J; Postil, Charles 1; Potter, James; Poussette, Dr. Arthur C; Poussette Family; Powell, Henry; Powell, John; Powell, William; Pray, Mrs. Ada; Pray, Wesley C; Proctor, Edward M; Proctor Families (2); Proctor, George A; Proctor, Manfred B; Proctor, Reuben; Purvis, David L; Radford, John; Rae, Robert; Rawlings, Albin; Rawlings Family; Reid, C F; Richardson, John B; Richardson, John J; Richmond, Albert; Richmond, William M; Roane, Elizabeth; Roane Family; Roane, Thomas; Robairts, Benjamin; Robbins, John; Robertson, Joseph L; Robertson, Mrs. Phoebe; Roche, David; Roche, John; Ross, David; Ross Family; Ross, John; Ross, Thomas; Russel, William; Sanders, Marshall A; Scott, Alexander, M D.; Soott Families (2); Scott, George; Scott, Gilbert; Scott, Henry M; Scott, Reginald F; Scott, Thomas R K; Sharpe, Robert; Shields, George; Shields, John S; Simpson, John; Simpson, William, Sr.; Sinclair, John; Sisk, Dallas P; Sitter Family; Sitter, George; Smith, Donald F; Smith, Duncan; Smith Families (2); Smith, Finlay; Smith, George; Smith, Henry M; Smith, James; Smith, John, Esq.; Smith, John H; Smith, John R; Smith, J W; Smith, Robert; Smith, Robert S; Smith, Thomas; Smith, Thomas W; Smith, William B; Snider, Mrs. Elizabeth; Spalding, Alexander; Spalding, Isabella; Sparling, Thomas; Sparling, William; Spearman Family; Spearman, Harris A; Sproule Family; Sproule, Walter; Sproule, William J; Squire, Thomas; Steadman, Thomas; Stephenson Family; Stephenson, G B; Stevens, Robert; Stevenson, John; Stevenson, Mrs. John; Stewart, George, Lt.-Col.; Stewart, James; Stewart, Maj. Robert G; Stewart, William; Stewart, William R; Stinson, William; Stockdale, George C; Stockdale, John; Stockdale, Robert F; Stockdale, Thomas; Stokes Families (2) ,; Stokes, Samuel C; Stokes, William; Stonehouse, Amos; Stonehouse, Robert; Stonehouse, William S; Stoner Family; Stoner, George; Stoop, Samuel; Storey, William; Strangways Family; Strangways, Walter W; Streets, William; Stutt, Richard; Sutherland, Donald; Sutherland, George; Sutton, William D; Symes, William; Symington, Edward G; Symington Family; Symington, Mrs. Helen; Symington, Hugh; Symington, James S; Symington, James W; Symington, Robert; Symington, Thomas (Enniskillen); Symington, Thomas (Plympton); Symington, Thomas J, M. D.; Symington, William; Symington, Thomas J, M. D.; Symington, William (deceased); Tait, Joseph; Tanner, Edwin; Taylor, Mrs. Jane; Taylor, John (Bosanquet); Taylor, John (Enniskillen); Taylor, Peter; Taylor, Thomas B; Temple, John H; Temple, Mrs. Mary A; Tew, Henry E.; Thorn, John S; Thom, William S; Thomas, Enoch W; Thomas Family; Thomas, Francis T; Thomas, George W; Thomas, John; Thompson, Harrison; Tracy, Capt. John; Tripp, Newton; Trott, Walter T; Trotter, David; Trusler Family; Trusler, S Wallace; Turnbult Family; Turnbull, Joseph; Turner, Robert; Van Tuyl, B Blossom; Van Tuyl, Maj. Benjamin S; Vidal, Hon. Alexander; Vidal, Emeric A; Vidal Family; Walden, James; Walker, Colin; Walker, Hugh; Walker, John; Wall, John; Wallen, Alex C; Wallen, Capt. John; Wanless, Robert; Ward, Duncan; Ward, George; Warner, Eli; Watson, Agnes W; Watson, Charles C; Watson, Ebenezer; Watson Family; Watson, James; Watson, John C; Watson, Robert S; Watson, William; Watt, William J; Watts, George; Webster, George; Webster, Jonah M; Weir, Archibald, L L. D.; Weir Family; Wellington, Henry; Wellington, Mark; Wellington, William; Wells Families (2); Wells, John N; Wells, Samuel; Werden, Spencer; West, Herbert; Westell, Dr. Edward P; Westgate, George; Wheatley, Mrs. Elvira; Wheatley, John; Wheeler, Edward D; Wheeler, Mrs. Sarah; White Family; Whitehead, James; Whitsitt Family; Whitsitt, James T; Whittaker, David; Wilcocks Family; Wilcocks, Joseph; Wilcocks, Samuel J; Wilkinson, Robert; Williams Family; Williams, Joseph; Williams, Walter B J; Williams, William; Will'iamson, Henry; Williamson, William (Bosanquet); Williamson, William (Watford); Willoughby, William; Willoughby, William G; Wilson, Mrs. Annie; Wilson, David; Wilson, George; Wilson, Gustavus; Wilson, John; Wilson, Thomas; Wolsey, Daniel; Wood, Elgin; Wood Family; Woodley, John; Woodward, Martin J; Woodwark, John; Wooley Family; Wooley, John N; Wray Family; Wray, William J; Wright, David; Wright, John D; Wright, Mrs. Lizzie; Wyant Family; Wyant, George V; Yates, Mrs. Ann J; Yates, George C; Young, George; Young, William; Younghusband Family; Zavitz, Benjamin; Zavitz Family

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