Upper Canada's Black Defenders. 1931, (Ontario, Canada) by: Ernest Green


Cat No.:   CAG110:

Content Description: Concentrating on the military service of black Canadians, this paper picks up the story during the American revolution (Independence) when black men who had taken part in the fighting had to leave America and entered Canada as Loyalists. It continues to examine their contribution through the various skirmishes leading up to the War of 1812 and during the 1837 Revolution, the American Civil war, and the Great War. Also Police actions in Welland during canal building. When settling down the Negro population tended to cluster and these settlements are reviewed.

Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol. XXVII (1931), Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1931 (The complete source document is available as Catalogue Number CA0171-31)


by: Ernest Green


Size: (pages) 30, (download) 2.2MB

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