Dileas; History of The 48th Highlanders of Canada 1929 − 1956 (on CD)


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It would be hard to write a better description of this book than the following selections from the foreword by, Lieutenant-General H. D. Graham, C.B.E., D.S.O., E.D., CD., Chief of the General Staff.

“......, it is from personal knowledge that I am able to pay tribute to the loyalty, the gallantry, and the great achievements which have been so splendidly recounted by Captain [Kim] Beattie in this book.”

“In 1918 I had the good fortune to be on the strength of the 48th Highlanders in France when it was known as the 15th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.”

“The history of a regiment is really the story of a family. It should be not merely a dry-as-dust account of dates, places and actions but should intermingle with such information the lively anecdotes and personal reflections that are a part of any large, robust, gallant and adventurous family group. Such is Captain Kim Beattie's history of the 48th Highlanders of Canada.”

“The author has given us the happy, the tragic, the amusing, and the individual stories but, at the same time, he has carefully recounted the purely historical events in the life of this great regiment from 1929 to the present day.”

“Those who have not had the privilege of serving with the Regiment will find it an entrancing story; once picked up, difficult to put down; and when they have finished the reading they will know well that the members of this great family, during these years of peace and war, have truly adhered to the regimental motto DILEAS which, being translated, means FAITHFUL.”

This is a substantial book with almost 900 pages of content. It orders the main story chronologically in 52 Chapters, grouped into eight segments or phases. In support of author Kim Beattie’s excellent text the book has 11 map plates and 32 illustrations. In conclusion there is an extensive (27 page) conventional index further enhanced with a 6 page index to references in the book to other military units, from both sides of the conflict. This digital edition is - of course - fully computer searchable for any word or phrase and the search speed is greatly enhanced by our use of FastFind technology.

All together a fine Regimental history and a “must have” volume for anyone with interests in the 48th Highlanders.

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