Uncensored Dardanelles


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No of pages in original: 334pp

Year published: (1928)

Uncensored Dardanelles is a collection of memoirs written by Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett during the first world war, published in 1928.

Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett was one of the first British War correspondents allowed to accompany an expedition to the front. On the 1st of April 1915 he joined the troops about to land at Gallipoli. Ashmead-Bartlett became famous for his reporting of the First World War in this area.

This book contains accounts of what Ashmead-Bartlett experienced in the Dardanelles at this period of time that was previously censored or remained unpublished. Including chapters on the landing at ANZAC and cape Helles, the fight for Achi Baba, the Suvla Bay offensive, the last dying efforts, 'an Uncensored letter and my dismissal' and much more.

A captivating personal account giving a wonderful perspective on the war in the Dardanelles.

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