Middlesex & Hertfordshire Notes & Queries 1896-1898

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Three books on one CD

The "Notes & Queries" series of books (there are some for other counties too) are full of interesting local history articles and genealogy interest. You can think of them as being similar to today's family history society or local history society journals.

In volume II for example, there is an article on the Inhabitants of "Harrowe super Montem" (Harrow on the Hill) in 1523. A five page list of all the people too, and the taxes that they paid.

Another article looks at "The Signs of the Old Houses in the Strand in the 17th & 18th Centuries". - 1676 William Cook, Bookseller. 1687 Mrs Hall, The Golden Anchor. John Woodford, sword cutlers, and of course all of the taverns too.

Lots of good research material!

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