A Collection of Coats of Arms Borne by the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Glocester, 1792


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Published and sold in 1792 by J Good A Collection of Coats of Arms Borne by the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Glocester is a unique publication. Arranged into three different divisions it combines some earlier published works with the Arms of those who wishes to be included in this new publication. The first division is based on the Coats of Arms that were prefixed in Robert Atkins's History published in 1712. The second division is compiled from Mr. Rudder's 1779 publication New History of Glocestershire. The third division is compiled from those who wanted to be included in this publication. Though the writer does point out that he could not include Coats of Arms which were not duly certified as this would be interfering with the "just and ancient established rights" of the College of Arms.

While the author mentions that no attempt will be made by him to discuss at length the subject of Heraldry, he does include a list of the knights of the county who served in the army of King Henry III. The list is given in its original French format. This is followed by a discussion of the elements that can go in to making a Coat of Arms and what they stand for, as well as several other parts that can only be described as a discussion on the subject of Heraldry.

Then follows 62 pages of images of the actual Coats of Arms arranged alphabetically, with several late additions at the end. The publication is then completed by a listing of the subscribers.

For anyone with an interest in the Heraldry and Coats of Arms of the county of Gloucestershire this is an invaluable publication.

We would like to thank John Adey of Family History Research Limited for making this book available to the Project. 

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