Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis - John Washburn 1825


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An extremely rare and important book which Gloucestershire researchers have discussed and coveted for nearly two hundred years. We have been incredibly fortunate to have been loaned a copy which we have now scanned and made available on CD so that all of those with Gloucestershire interests can benefit from its contents.

From the title page:

'A collection of rare and curious tracts relating to the county and City of Gloucester; illustrative, and published during the Civil War; with an historical introduction, notes and an appendix'.

A superb documentary history of a city and county which played a huge role in the outcome of the civil war. The book contains many references to ordinary people who played a part in the conflict.


After the production of the above on CD we came across two further volumes, published two years earlier in 1823 but called part one and part two. These are even more important than the 1825 volume as they contain personal accounts of the siege by John Corbet (personal chaplain to the Massie, the Governor of the Gloucester Garrison) and John Dorney, the town clerk, plus other accounts of events before and after the month long stand-off, including one superb piece by a member of the Trained Bands who marched out from London to the relief of Gloucester.

We have now remastered the original CD to include all three volumes and released it at the same price as the original.

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