The Emigrant's Guide to South Africa


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This delightful book contains just about all that there is to know about emigration from England to South Africa in the 1880s. From the booking of ships and the journey, to what to expect in the colony, with detail right down to what to grow in your kitchen garden in each month of the year.

A newspaper review of 24 February 1880 states: "Contains an immense amount of detailed information of the most practically useful kind. The different provinces are treated separately, and intending emigrants will find detailed information about the products, soil, climate and customs of each; as well as about wages, cost of living, probabilities of finding work of different kinds and facilities for becoming proprietors of land."

Including: Cape Colony, The Diamond Fields, Bechuanaland, Transvaal, The Gold Fields, Natal, The Orange Free State, and the Territories of the British South Africa Co.

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