A Chapter in the History of the Township of Onslow, NOVA SCOTIA


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Content Description: A wonderfully detailed and valuable history of the first 100 or so years of Onslow Township from its founding in the mid 1700’s. Starts with a review of the political / administrative actions leading up to the establishment of the settlement (near Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia.) Continues with the official “paperwork” which granted the land and then names the 52 original grantees who were in residence in 1761. The story then continues through the difficult development years giving names of those granted further land for specific purposes and those who undertook public office. Briefly discusses the township’s records and goes on to quote several early MI’s. A great source for pioneers of the area.


Gleaned from: Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society 1893 - 95, Vol IX, Published: 1895


by: Israel Longworth


Size: (pages) 33, (download) 2.5 MB

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