History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1929. Author of note: Rev. D. J. Rankin (by Download)


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In the spirit of Truth in Advertising, a better title might have been A History of the People of Antigonish. Fully two thirds of this very rare book are devoted to biographical descriptions of the early and well know families of this ancient Nova Scotia region.

Not to say that the historical content is trivial. The Rev. D. J. Rankin, the author of record, credits J. W. MacDonald, esq., M.D., Mr. William Cameron (teacher,) and Rev. Ronald MacGillivray with providing virtually all of the historical content which would seem to mean that this content is the product of well respected, specialist, scholars and so far more valuable than the results of one man's gleanings.

The Rev. Rankin also provides a bibliography of (and numerous credits to) the sources of the copious genealogical information in this book. The biographies are arranged by family groups and indexed by the root family name. Normally this would present something of a problem in accessing information on individuals associated by marriage (i.e., having a different family name) but as we have made the entire book computer searchable - and further enhanced that searchability with our FastFind technology - every name in the book is opened for instant reference.

The history sections provide, of course, the story of the early settlement and development of the area by the Scottish, Irish and English, Military and Loyalist immigrants but in addition it goes on to detail the French re-establishment around Tracadie and the development of the religious and educational establishments of the County.

Every family historian or history student of the County of Antigonish should own a copy of this great resource. An invaluable key to a fascinating piece of Canadian history.

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