Clara Dennis' Nova Scotia - c1930 & 40 A Treasury of her 3 books (by Download).


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Born and raised in Nova Scotia Clara Dennis acquired both an inquisitive nature and a gift for story telling. Clara put both of these character traits to work when she set out to travel widely in her native province, lovingly recording the sights in her camera and the local stories and interviews with the locals in her note-book. In the process she left us a wonderful legacy of a first hand experience of Nova Scotia of the 1930’s and the early 1940’s. The results of all this work were published in the form of three wonderful, easy to read, and entertaining, books over a period of eight years.

The books- in order of appearance are:

Down in Nova Scotia - first published in 1934 (our Cat.No.: CA0105)

More About Nova Scotia - first published in 1937 (Our Cat.No.: CA107) and

Cape Breton Over - first published in 1942 (OurCat.No.: CA0106)

Clara was also responsible for many magazine and periodical articles during her working life but these are by far her best known works and, we believe, her only full length books. As mentioned above Clara was an avid photographer and used her camera to capture both the beauty and the curiosities of Nova Scotia and some of these images are scattered generously throughout the more than 1100 pages of the three books.

The nature of Clara’s story telling encompasses an amazing range of subjects and places making it next to impossible to provide any sort of comprehensive summary of everything included in the books but, in the individual publications, we have attempted to extract the major place and personal names, together with some of the events and experiences she describes, as shown in the Tables of Contents. We have collected the three lists together for this description although we kept them separated so you would know in which book a certain point of interest may be found.

The books are provided in a single file enabling the user to conduct computer searches across all three books at the same time.

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Table of Contents extractions:

Down in Nova Scotia:

Abbe Sigogne.; Acadia College.; Acadians (expulsion from Sand Hills.); Alexander, Sir William.; Alline, Henry.; Allain's River.; Angel Amireau's will.; Annapolis.; Auburn (Episcopal church at.); Avon River (The).; Babin, Marie - Acadian.; Baccaro.; Pombcoup, Baron de.; Barrington.; Port Royal, Basin of.; Bear River.; Bedford Basin.; Benoni d'Entremont.; Birch Cove.; Inglis, Bishop, at Aylesford.; Blomidon.; Bowers, Philip and Abigail.; Burchtown.; Canning.; Cape Roseway Light.; Cape Sable Island.; Cape Sable.; Cape Split.; Champlain (The gardens).; Charnisay.; Chebogue (the lupin trail to).; Christ Church.; Citadel Hill.; Tour, Claude de la.; Clermont; McNutt, Alexander, Col.; Noble, Col.; Cornwallis.; d'Entremont, Cyraque .; De Mings, Anthony.; Digby Neck (The Ward House.); Digby, Admiral.; Digby.; Doane, Edmund.; Ellershouse.; Ericson, Leif.; Fairy Lake.; Fort Edward.; French Landing.; Ruggles, General .; General's Bridge.; Glooscap (the legend.); Glooscap's Grandmother.; Grand Pre.; Granville.; Gravenstein (a famous apple tree).; Grosses Coques.; Gunning Cove.; Haliburton House.; Halifax Explosion.; Hawk (The).; Hichens, Mary (heroine.); Indian Hill.; Jordans, The.; Kedgemakoogee.; Kemptville.; Kent, Duke; King's College.; La Tour.; Lockeport.; Long and Briar Islands.; MacKinnon, Col. Ranald (and clan.); McGills of Ohio.; McNutt's Island.; Mill Cove.; Mink Cove.; Morden.; Mountain Cemetery.; Mud Island.; Grand Pre, Old Covenanters' church.; Pereau Road (the).; Peter Stuart, (loss of).; Port Clyde.; Port Hebert.; Port La Tour fort.; Port Maitland.; Port Royal.; Port Royal.; Prescott House (the).; Prince's Lodge.; Pubnico & the Acadians.; Quinan.; Rand, Silas.; Rappe pie.; Roberts Island.; Robie, Simon Bradstreet.; Roseway.; Round Bay Beach.; Sable Island; Sackville River at Bedford.; Sand Hills.; Sandy Cove; Sandy Point.; Scots Bay.; Seal Island.; Shelburne.; Sir Robert Borden.; Slavery & slaves.; Smith, Archelaus.; Springhaven.; St. Alphonse de Clare.; St. Bernard (church).; St. John's Anglican church, Fairview.; St. Mary's Bay.; Starrs of Starr's Point (the).; Street, Robie; Titanic Disaster.; Town Point.; Trinity Church.; Tupper, Sir Charles, (grave of.); Tusket.; Uniacke, Richard John.; Wedgeport.; Wellington Dike (the).; Welshtown.; Western Head .; White, Gideon.; Wilkins, Isaac.; Wilkins' Folly.; Windsor.; Wolfville.; Yarmouth.

More About Nova Scotia:

Advocate; Alex. Campbell, his shipbuilding; Amherst—her noted sons; Antigonish County, the first printing press; Antigonish—the college; Apron Rock; Archibald, Janet ; Archibald, S. G. W.; Atlantic (The) - first steamship to cross; Bailey’s Brook; Beausejour of old (The); Big Bluff and Little Bluff; Big Election (The); Black Sylvia; Blue Rocks; Bluenose, I sail on; Bridgewater; Brooklyn, paper-making; Canso Strait, an old sea-captain; Canso, Col. Pepperel, The taking of, Swordfishing; Chester—a village in a Canadian setting, early life; Cheverie; Chloroform, First manufactured in Canada; Cobb House; Cod, The; Col. Gladwin; Communion Tokens; Dog Falls;Earliest railway (The)—its auspicious opening; Eddy rebellion (The); Edward Mortimer - Norway House; Father Mailer de Lynn; Fireship Teaser (The); Fishermen and the Great War; Five Islands; Fort Point; Germans, coming of the; Glooscap's Medicine Garden; Goreham College; Grant, George M. ; Green Hill—interesting relics of the old days of Pictou County; Guysboro—early history; Howe, Joseph, the Lunenburgers; Indian Falls; Joggins shore, Fossils on; Joseph Pernette, Col.; Jotham Blanchard—The Colonial Patriot; Kingsburg—old German Bibles; LaHave, fish-making on; Lantz Falls;Lismore—oldest Highland Roman Catholic Church; Little Hope; Liverpool Packet (The), Privateers (The), Collins family (The);Lochaber—the Piper; Lot Church; Louisburg, bell from; Lunenburg, privateers invade ; MacGregor, Dr. ; his preaching etc.; Mahone; Maitland—The Big Ship; Malagash, the salt mine; Malignant Cove; Maple Sugar; Marshy Hope and the Gaelic Bard; Mary Celeste (The); Masstown, Expulsion of Acadians; McCulloch (Dr.), collection of birds - Pictou Academy; Milton; Moose River disaster; Morgan Falls;Mount Thom; New Englanders; New Germany Beavers; New Germany—St. John's in the Wilderness; New Glasgow - its shipbuilding, Carmichael a famous name; New Ross, wilderness settlement; New York, The loss of; Nicholas Denys; Northern Queens; Nova Scotia - owned by a woman; Nova Scotia's giantess; O'Briens of Noel (The); Oak Island—Captain Kidd's treasure; Oakfield and General Laurie; Old Nova Scotia coins; Parrsboro, Indian legend; Payzants, story of; Perkins house (The); Pictou County, Discovery of coal; Pictou Twist; Pictou—the Hope and the Hector; Pioneer settlers; Pirate's Cove; Poet MacPherson (The).Port Mouton; R. R. Macleod; Radio Coast Station, I visit the; Rev. John Sprott; River John - the whales; Riverport - Denys' Fishing Station; Rossignol; Rover (The);Saladin, (The); Sauer Kraut; Sedgewick, Dr. Robert; Ship Railway (The); Shubenacadie Canal (The); Sir Charles Tupper House (The); Sir William Dawson; Springhill; St. Ninian's, “Tigh Dhe”; Stellarton—a descent into the Allan Shaft; Stormont; Sylvanus Cobb; Tatamagouche;The Draegermen; The Musquodoboit Valley—The MacCurdy family; The Stewiacke Valley—Early settlers; Three Sisters (The); Tracadie and the Trappist Monks; Truro—Victoria Park; Wallace— the centenary of Simon Newcombe; Wellwood Waugh’s great-great-granddaughter; Whitman family, (The); William Phips, (Sir); Women of Chester frighten off the privateers; Year of the Mice; Zephaniah Williams and Nathan Pushie;

Cape Breton Over:

Ainslie Glen.; Albert Bridge was Mira Ferry.; Arichat.; Aspy Bay.; Baddeck.; Baleine.; Bay St. Lawrence.; Beinn Bhreagh.; Bell Museum.; Boularderie.; Briton Cove.; Cabot Trail.; Cap La Ronda Light.; Cap Rouge.; Cape North.; Cape of Cape Breton.; Capstick.; Chapel Island.; Cheticamp.; Cibou.; Cow Bay was Port Morien.: Crane village.; Creignish and Craigmore.; D'Escousse.; Dingwall.; Duke of Kent Island.; Englishtown.; French Mountain.; French settlement.; Friar's Head.; Gabarus Bay.; Glace Bay.; Glendyer.; Grand Etang.; Highland Park.; Ile Madame.; Indian Reserve.; Ingonish Island.; Ingonish.; Inverness.; Janvrin's Island.; Jessie Cove.; Judique.; Just-au-corps.; Kelly's mountain.; Kingross.; Lake Ainslie.; Little Anse.; Little Narrows.; Lloyd's Cove.; Lorraines.; Louisburg lighthouse.; Louisburg.; Mabou.; MacKenzie's Mountain.; Mainadieu.; Man of War Point.; Marble Mountain.; Margaree Harbour.; Margarees.; Marion Bridge.; Middle River.; Mira Ferry now Albert Bridge.; Mira.; North East Margaree.; North Mountain.; North Shore.; North Sydney and Sydney Mines.; Orangedale.; Petit de Grat.; Pictou.; Piper's Glen.; Pleasant Bay.; Point Michaud.; Pollet's Cove.; Port Hastings.; Port Hawkesbury.; Port Hood.; Port Morien, the old Cow Bay.; Portuguese settlement.; Poulamon.; Reserve Mines.; River Bennett.; River Bourgeois.; River Denys.; Scatari.; Smoky.; Soldier's Cove.; St. Ann's Bay.; St. Ann's.; St. Paul's Island.; St. Peter's Canal.; St. Peters.; St. Pierre.; Sugar Loaf.; Sydney Harbour.; Sydney.; The heights of Craigen.; Victoria Bridge.; West Bay.; Whycocomagh.; Wreck Cove.

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