Corfe Castle


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The story of Corfe Castle and of many who lived there. Published in 1853.

Collected from ancient chronicles, records, and private memoirs of a family resident in the castle during the Civil War.

Beginning with the foundation of the Castle in Anglo Saxon times, this book covers the effects of the social and political environment upon life at the Castle. It also contains great description of the lifestyles and habits of the people during these times.

Chapters include, Anglo Saxon times to the reign of Queen Elizabeth, The accession of James I until the time and execution of Earl of Strafford in 1641, The Irish Great Rebellion to the setting up of the Royal Standard in Nottingham in August 1642, the raising of the first siege of Corfe Castle in 1643, the final betrayal and destruction of the castle in 1646 and the escape of the King to Oxford, the restoration of the monarchy and the results of that event as affecting the Story of Corfe Castle.

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