Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, History Set - The History & The Sequel

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This set of books provides two histories of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Published within 20 years of each other by two individuals, both claiming expertise in the history of the area. Clearly the later publisher, Mr. Brown, feels that the Rev. Campbell failed to understand some of the verbal and recorded history and so was making “false” reports. The Rev. Campbell, took exception to Brown’s publication, and so responded in the form of a 20 odd page publication titled, “An answer to some strictures in Brown’s Sequel to Campbell’s history of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia”, in which he defends his own publication’s accuracy either on the basis of his background information, or on his preference against publishing still sensitive information within the lifetime of some of the individuals involved. Since this further publication admits nothing, of any significance on the questions of accuracy, or of actual history, it provides nothing to what in all probability is a simple difference in interpretation of reported facts and of reporting “style” so we did not elect to include a copy of Campbell’s “Answer” in this publication of the Set.

At our further distance (in time) from this conflict we can now feel thankful that it occurred, as it has provided us with a much improved, broader based, account of the local history of the early settlement location, being the interpretation of two actors with (apparently) significantly different points of view who had access to sources which were temporally much closer to the original events.

For more details of the content of each of the two individual books we suggest the descriptions of the two separate reproductions be consulted, i.e., those of CatNos. CA0159 (The Sequel ….) and CA0441 ( A Yarmouth History….) either on their digital files or in our catalogue.

Mr. Brown made frequent direct reference to the Rev. Campbell's book; which provides some, one way, linkage between similar topics in the two books but - obviously - there are no reciprocal links from Campbell’s earlier publication. To overcome this inequality we have arranged for our, speed enhanced, every word, computer Search function to simultaneously find links for search term "hits" in both books so occurrences of any topic are presented for both books in every search.

Other than this search indexing linkage each book is presented, and can be accessed through the Bookmarks in the left column, in its original form as if it were a stand alone publication.

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