The Federal Pioneer Magazine (October 1926-August 1927)


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No of pages in original: 373pp

The new series 'Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine' was a refined Canberra Magazine issued monthly from October 1926 to August 1927. Each issue imparts the nationalism, patriotism and historic and cultural importance that surrounds Canberra as Australia’s capital.

Consisting of about thirty-two pages in each issue, the magazine contains comprehensive and fascinating information relating to Canberra at this time in history. It includes public notices, biographies of important people and information on their descendants, memories of events of the past and opinions on what was current in the developing city as well as stories that help to set the Australian tone and accounts of events, not least of which is the opening of the first federal parliament house.

This historic magazine records the development of Australia's capital, the jewel of the empire, with excitement, elegance and patriotism. A valuable resource for any Australian social historian.

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