Roots and Branches


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By Tom Evans

Roots and Branches is described as a genealogy of some of the older families of the parishes of Llanddeusant and Llywel. These neighbouring Welsh parishes are actually in different counties .. in Carmarthenshire and Breconshire respectively. Inspection of the sparse surviving Bishops Transcripts for Llanddeusant suggests that either the writer was economical with the actualite, or the vicar was rarely there, or that nobody liked him and went to another church for several months each year, or everybody in the parish really did have the same name .. although generally even in the days of patronymics, there were a few variations. This means that this work by Tom Evans, deceased since 1988 but still remembered in the area with great affection, may be one of the only records of the families of that time ... as an unindexed book with hundreds of names, it is supremely valuable ... as a CD with a search capability, its value is very much enhanced .. an absolute must for those with LLanddesusant or Llywel ancestry - or those who may have.

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