Berkshire Parish Registers - Marriages (2Vols)


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Both volumes of the Phillimore's marriages transcripts, making up the county set. (Phillimore's did not have access to the registers in all parishes when making the transcripts).

The transcriptions for each parish contain the whole of the registers for each parish from the first available preserved register (usually in the 1500s and as early as 1538) up to either 1812 or in many cases, 1837.

Just 150 copies of each volume were printed. These are very rare and sought-after books of incredible value to the family historian.

List of parishes included...

Wantage, 1538-1837

West Woodhay, 1653-1812

Harwell, 1559-1837

Bradfield, 1559-1812

Sparsholt, 1559-1812

West Hendred, 1558-1837

Sulham, 1723-1837

Kingston Lisle, 1560-1837

Purley, 1662-1840

Busot, 1676-1812

West Hanney, 1564-1837

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